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We Get It Done So YOU Don't Have To!

Moving, organizing, and empyting homes is hard, but it doesn’t have to be impossible. Our aim is to support you during your downsizing journey, so you can focus on what truly matters.


We are a full service organizing, relocation, and handyman company that can handle your project from A to Z. One Call Does It All! We provide support to people who are going through the moving or clear out process, or who are overseeing the process for loved ones. We also help busy professionals who are caught up in the chaos of relocation, helping make the process smoother.

The Betty Brigade is based in Ann Arbor, Michigan and provides moving coordination, clear outs, handyman, and organizing nationwide. We manage all aspects of your project, and utilize vendors we trust so that our clients get the best service available.


We help families who are going through the difficult process of moving, whether that’s through relocation or downsizing from decades in a family home.

We work with seniors who are downsizing, corporate employees, busy professionals, or anyone that is looking to simplify their lives - from organizing holiday decorations to orchestrating a cross-country move. Anyone who feels overwhelmed by moving or disorganization will find great value in what we provide.


Owner and president, Sharon McRill, authored the book: "Downsizing the Silver Tsunami: Who to Call and Where Does the Stuff Go," a guide to going through the moving process. The book was created to help the 76 million baby boomers in the United States, who will face the need to move or downsize in coming years.

The Betty Brigade is proud to have corporate relationships with Corrigan Moving, Bodman Law, Glacier Hills Senior Community, and Old National Bank, among others and has a social media reach of nearly 100,000. Additionally, the Betty Brigade was named "Affiliate of The Year" by the Ann Arbor Area Board of Realtors in 2014.

Betty Brigade personnel include professionals in organizing, home project management, and staging. Betty Brigade is bonded and insured, and all team members are background checked at local, state and federal levels.
The future is bright for our team! Plans are underway to license Betty Brigade nationwide.

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Sharon's latest book:

Who to call and where does all the stuff go?

“Silver Tsunami,” refers to people of the baby boomer generation, and sometimes their parents. This massive population includes people who are about to be retired or are already well into retirement (hence the term “Silver”).

At no time in history have there been so many people of multiple generations over age 65 facing the need to downsize over the next decade. With all this downsizing happening, there is a huge wave of “stuff” coming out of people’s homes, all at the same time (hence: “Tsunami”).

It helps current or future retirees simplify the incredibly complicated process of going through decades of accumulated stuff and preparing to live in a smaller home. And it helps loved ones (including millennials) understand the process from their parent's and grandparent's perspective.

This book is a roadmap offering everything you need to know, including a detailed process, for how to downsize with minimal stress. It covers where you should begin, the resources available to you —in terms of people and services— and offers guidelines for going through the process without being overwhelmed.

The title, “Silver Tsunami,” refers to people in the Baby Boomer generation—and sometimes their parents—who are already well into retirement. At no time in history have there been so many people of multiple generations over 65 facing downsizing over the next decade or so (hence the “Silver”). More people are living longer and staying in better health than ever before, so many of our parents have delayed moving out of their homes long enough for “us kids” to be already planning or living our own retirements. This means that there is a huge wave of “Stuff” that lots of people will be looking to get rid of all at the same time (hence: “Tsunami”). Values for many collectibles and antiques have already plummeted, and donation centers are becoming overwhelmed, so starting soon is critical if you hope to avoid the pain of seeing your own or a parent’s treasures sent straight to the curb. This book outlines the process overall: where you should begin and the current resources available—in terms of people and services—to assist you. It also offers guidelines for going through the process without being overwhelmed.
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